Kite to Kite service at Vliegers & Co

Vliegers&Co is not just another kite-shop, like so many others. Vliegers&Co is THE kite-shop for your entire kiting-career and for any budget.

After more than thirteen years of managing our store in Deventer (Netherlands) we moved to the internet in 2017. Based on all those years of experience we introduced a whole new formula: the KITE-TO-KITE concept.

This concept consists of four elementary services, and offers you the chance to enjoy your favourite sport (kiting) to the fullest extent. You can grow, change, choose and switch your gear in an easy way, and if needed we can provide you with honest advice.

If you are looking to buy new kit you are more than welcome to browse through the shop for the latest and best. We stock top brands like FLYSURFER, FLEXIFOIL, HQ-Powerkites, LIBRE, OZONE, PETER LYNN, PKD, REVOLUTION and TRAMPA.

We offer a wide selection of high-end kites , buggies and boards as well as kite-lines, harnesses, bars and bags.

Looking to sell your kite gear before upgrading to something new? Vliegers&Co offers an attractive trade-in scheme, known as the KITE-TO-KITE concept.
In 2003 we were the first in the Netherlands to allow customers to trade-in used kites and other materials when they bought some new equipment. So we have a bit of experience in that area as well. We will re-sell your second-hand stuff for a good price and give it a new home.

But there is more. You can ask us to search for that particular item you have been wanting for so long. Or we can notify you if something of interest comes along. And, should you want to sell larger volumes of second-hand kit, like a full series, we are the perfect intermediary.

Interested? Read all about our KITE-TO-KITE concept and get to know us better by clicking on the appropriate button.