About V&C

Vliegers&Co was founded in 2003 by owner Bert Kardijk and started off as a kite-store in Deventer (Netherlands). In 2017 the store closed and moved to the internet and introduced the KITE-TO-KITE concept.

Based on thirteen years of experience we focus on dealing and trading new as well as used kite-gear all over Europe (and even beyond). We have a large network of customers in many countries, and extensive knowledge of particularly the second-hand kite-market. We offer a worldwide platform for buying and selling new, and/or used kite-stuff such as kites, buggies, boards and accessories.

We act in an open and transparent way.
We take you seriously as a customer, we focus on your wishes and offer you various services. We strive to give honest advice and will try and talk you out of less optimal choices.
We will help you in every way we can. We feel responsible and committed, and you can always count on us to do our very best. We scan the market for the latest news but we also make our own choices. We will make every effort to be of service to you, we will keep you informed and find a solution if there is a problem.
We are independent, untethered and somewhat quirky.

Want to get to know us (better)?
You can call, email or text us, or visit us if you make an appointment.
We regularly attend events and festivals, and would love to meet you there.
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