Flysurfer Connect Controlbar


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De Flysurfer Connect bar is speciaal ontwikkeld voor de Peak serie, maar elke kite die gekoppeld wordt aan een Y splitted 5-lijns depowertoming kun je er mee controleren. De 50cm bar is superlicht en wordt compleet met lijnen, korte leash en barbag geleverd.

Dit zeggen ze bij Flysurfer zelf van;

The CONNECT Bar is specially designed with a high Y split on the front lines and a 5th line for the B-Safe system. The lightweight bar stick has a conical shape which sits comfortably in the hand. The EVA grip is colour coded, orange for left and petrol for right. The soft bar ends reduce risk of injury and allow for easy line adjustment. The clam cleat helps riders to maximize comfort and safety by adjusting the power precisely.

The CONNECT Bar is equipped with our Quick Release 3.0 chickenloop. Maintenance is simple and easy. The One Hole eyelet in the centre of the bar features a replaceable insert.

Weighing in at just 0.84 kg complete, the CONNECT bar goes perfectly with the PEAK4 and is a must have for your next adventure.

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