Flysurfer Infinity 4.0 Controlbar


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Naast de introductie van de Flysurfer Force bar heeft Flysurfer nu de Infinity 4.0 controlbar gelanceerd. Deze bar heeft min of meer de dezelfde opbouw als de 3.0 CC bar, de barstick is wat dunner en de bekleding nu echt van de 21e eeuw.

The Flysurfer Infinity 4.0 bar is compleet met Quick Release 3.0, 17 + 3 meter lijnenset, barbag, shortleash en manual. Er zijn 2 maten, 50 cm en 60 cm.

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The new INFINITY Control Bar: precise, comfortable, innovative. The classic FLYSURFER control bar system with the automatic centreline untwisting function.

The 4-line INFINITY control bar precisely transmits your steering inputs! The slim and solid barstick with compact winders gives you excellent feedback.

The INFINITY bar glides along a 52cm long PU-covered depower throw and activates the automatic unswivel function when powering up with minimal force.

Trim options are provided by the Clam Cleat adjuster and the knot positions located under the new EVA floaters to adjust the 17 + 3m long lines. (total line length 20m on both sizes)

Safety is assured by our proven QR 3.0 and frontline flag-out safety system (FLS). We have focused on longevity to give ambitious freeriders a functional performance package.

The INFINITY Bar complements our foil kite range and lends itself to those who love big hangtime and endless rotations.


Comparison INFINITY 3.0 to INFINITY M / L control bar

The main difference from the previous model of the INFI- NITY control bar is in the increased durability of the com- ponents on the new INFINITY M/L. The new EVA floaters are more robust and the PU sheath on the depower lines drastically reduces abrasion.

FLYSURFER recommends a 52cm depower throw in order to make the most of the full range of the larger closed cell foil kites. It is not possible to add a stopper ball for safety reasons. The bungees have been made thicker to help keep the lines tidy whilst not in use. The Clam Cleat Adjuster rope has been elasticated to make it more com- pact when depowered.

Comparison INFINITY M/L to FORCE control bar

The INFINITY M/L appeals to riders who want a func- tional control bar with easily interchangeable parts and automatic untwisting of the front lines. Perfect for expe- rienced riders who like to perform hooked-in jumps with many rotations.

The FORCE control bar is more durable and with its soft bar ends is more suited to impacts which makes it perfect for learning new tricks, surfing waves or freestyle.


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