Peter Lynn Aero V2 UL


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Altijd en overal zijn er verbeter-momenten denkbaar. Met dat als uitgangspunt heeft men bij Peter Lynn hard gewerkt aan de ontwikkeling bij de 2e generatie Aero’s. Niet alleen is de kite sneller en stabieler dan zijn voorganger, het aantal formaten is ook uitgebreid. Bekijk het filmpje eens, en je weet precies wat ze bij Peter Lynn bedoelen.

De Peter Lynn AeroV2 is er in 2 varianten, de standaard ” Light ” en de “Ultra Light ” versie. Vooral de grotere formaten halen extra veel vermogen uit het lichtere gewicht.

We hebben de Peter Lynn Aero V2 kite-only geprijsd. De kite wordt geleverd met stevige kitebag. De bijpassende Peter Lynn Aviator bar bestel je eventueel er apart bij..

Let op !! De nieuwe Peter Lynn Aero V2 is nog maar beperkt leverbaar, informeer even naar de beschikbaarheid !!

Dit vinden ze er bij Peter Lynn zelf van :

Breaking the benchmark

There is always room for improvement. We are always challenging current technologies and looking for ways to improve upon what is already there. Since the dawn of traction kiting we have been coming up with clever ideas to make your kiting experiences better, and rather than looking at the competition we have always relied on our own 4 decades of design experience.

In our quest to build the best, every detail counts. No matter how small, each design element has been purposefully tuned to strike the perfect balance between performance and refinement. Every panel, every bridle line and every internal rib has been meticulously shaped and measured to fit its function and vastly improve the kites aerodynamic properties. From the technologically innovative leading edge to the mini ribs along the trailing edge, every aspect of the wing breathes out-and-out performance. While the clever construction and high-quality materials offer unmatched durability.

The Aero v2 is a closed cell depower foil that is faster on every tack and it allows you to ride at unreal speeds and angles. It fills up quicker and accelerates faster. It launches effortlessly and gets you up to speed easier than ever before.

The Aero v2 is designed to be the ultimate super GT amongst race kites. It combines blistering pace and acceleration with rider oriented responsiveness, dynamic handling, and unmatched stability. The Aero is built to open the door to a new level of engagement between rider and wing.

Racetrack, light wind ride or everyday cruise, its comfortably balanced bar pressure allows you to stay out longer and push your riding experiences to new heights.

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